A Frugal Guide To The South Beach Diet

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Carbs are cheap. You can get a loaf of bread for $1.00. Meat is much more than that per pound and prices seem to just go up. Here are some great ways to save money and stay on your South Beach Diet phases.

Don’t eat out. This is an important thing to think about when considering how to save money. Restaurant food is mark-up so much that you can easily spend the entire grocery budget for a week for a family of four during a night out for those same four people. Home cooked food is more nutritious, better tasting and creates great family memories.

Let’s talk about how you can save money when purchasing that food that you are going to make at home.

The best way to save money on meat is to buy in bulk and buy a lot during really good sales. Since I always seem to miss the really good sales, so I usually stick to buying the bulk packages. I am talking about the bulk packaging that is available at your local grocery store not the Costco or Sam’s Club stores. They always have portions that are way to big for what I can store. If you have memberships in these stores and can store the food, by all means, get your meats from there. For the rest of us, buy the bulk chicken, beef and pork at your grocery store.

To make sure that you don’t waste any of it separate the meat when you get home. I usually cook most of the meat in different ways and put a smaller portion in the freezer. For example, if I buy bulk chicken I cook some in the oven for a oven fried or bar-b-que chicken. At the same time I will also boil some of the chicken to use as a chicken salad or similar recipe. I will also throw a third of the raw chicken in the freezer to use when I need to make a chicken recipe. I will also freeze some of the cooked chicken if I don’t think I will use it in a day or two. This way I have prepared food in the refrigerator, prepared food in the freezer and raw food in the freezer in case company comes over.

Use coupons. It is possible to get your entire grocery cart for free if you use double, triple and manufacturers coupons. I have seen others do it and I have come close myself. It might not be possible to get the entire bill down to zero when you are on the SBD because many times you have to buy some packaged food. Usually packaged food falls into the category of carbs. You can save a lot of money if you clip coupons. It doesn’t take any time if you do it while you are sitting in front of the t.v.

Buy your produce seasonally and locally. Vegetables are also expensive these days but you can save by purchasing the produce that is in season. You can usually get some great skills. SBD phase 2 & 3 dieters can practice on their baking skills by making fruit dishes with sugar substitutes that are ok for the SBD. Local produce also will cost less especially if you go to the local farmers markets. I find gorgeous produce at my local flea market and the prices are unbeatable.

Guarantee Your Success for Breakfast in Phase One Of the South Beach Diet

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The South Beach Diet’s Phase One is the most difficult part of the diet. It can also show some of the most rewarding results. If you are careful to rid your diet of all carbs in the first phase you can lose a lot of pounds before moving onto the second phase. Losing the carb cravings is the goal for this phase and I will give you some tips to get you through this phase successfully. Success is different for each meal in the SBD so I am going to break down my success tips according to the meal, in different posts.

We will start with breakfast.

During this two week phase, the ingestion of bad carbohydrates is limited as much as possible. The South Beach Diet relies on the Glycemic Index. The lower the number on the Glycemic Index the less bad carbohydrates makeup the food.

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How To Plan Your Meals in the South Beach Diet

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Figuring out what you are going to eat on the South Beach Diet doesn’t have to be a difficult task. First you have to learn what you can and can’t eat.

Then you have to get into the habit of the two snacks and three meals. The South Beach Diet considers dessert differently than the meals or the snacks, but if you add it all together, you have to get into the habit of spreading your eating into six times a day. This is much better for evening out your blood sugar, rather than eating the three large meals which causes an elevation in blood sugar and then a sudden drop.

So how do you figure out what should be in your meals in Phase One of the South Beach Diet? Let’s break it down:

Breakfast should always include:

Protein - This can be cottage cheese, this is your dairy though, so you have to watch how much you eat. Other proteins that you would not have to think about how many portions. These would be tofu, eggs and meat.

Vegetable - Make sure to have at least one serving of vegetables. A vegetable cocktail juice is a great way to get your morning vegetables. V8 is a popular choice, but you should get the low sodium V8. Making your own cocktail is not difficult if you use a blender. You don’t want to use a juicer because juicers take out all of the fiber while separating the juice from the solids. These solids also contain a lot of vitamins. If you throw everything in a blender with some water, the vegetables will liquefy into a great tasting juice.

Beverage - Have coffee or tea if you don’t do the juice mentioned above.

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South Beach Diet Cookie Recipes

The great thing about the South Beach Diet is if you’re a food lover it’s the diet for you. The fact the get to snack is great. But the food also taste great, and everything is designed to satisfy your hunger so you won’t feed on heavy carb foods. This is why I don’t like to call it the diet but a way of life.

How many of us have dreamed of eating eating eating and still losing weight? How many of us have started our selves, or overfed ourselves with the same foods on some ridiculous fad diet? We can now basically eat what we want and still lose weight.

My favorite snack is cookies, so here are some cookie recipes that fit right into the South Beach Diet:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

This will only take you about 15 minutes for prep time, 30 minutes total. This recipe serves 12, portioned in 2 piece servings.

This is a great cookie recipe which is simple to make and all it takes a few ingredients. The best thing is there is no flour. You will find that it has a deep nutty taste. It has little bit of fruit on top. Everyone will love this cookie. Beware they are so delicious that it is hard to limit yourself to one serving.

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Starting Your Weight Loss Plan

You finally have come to realize that you may need a weight loss plan for yourself. Instead of moping around feeling all depressed and feeling fat, you have decided to finally do something about it. Well, congratulations for having realized so!

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your weight loss plan:

Be a Label Reader – It is essential for your weight loss that you learn to read labels. Watch out for the things that you eat and put into your mouth. Learn reading about the caloric content of the food and learn to compare, this will allow you to make the healthier and wiser choice on foods. You should look out for the caloric content not only for the food you eat but also for the liquids you drink. Remember that you would want to lose some weight so it is important that you be careful with your calorie intake.

Grains and Produce – For healthier choices in your food intake, eat more grains and produce. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are not only nutritious and health promoters (by lessening disease-risks), they are also good for those into weigh loss programs. These foods are naturally low in calorie. Fill up your stomach with these kinds of food so that there will only be little room left for your unhealthy food choices. The fibers contained in these foods help stretch the food you take in causing your stomach to feel full with only a small amount of food eaten and the fullness you feel even lasts longer. It is a perfect way to avoid overeating.

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South Beach Diet Phase 1 Recipes

Phase 1 Mayonnaise

We can’t have mayonnaise during phase 1 and this is something that I have really missed. However, we can create our own mayonnaise that we can use in other South Beach Phase One meals. This is a great alternative if you don’t even like mayonnaise.

2 cups light olive oil
2 eggs
2 small lemons
salt & water

Separate the yolk from the rest of the egg. With just the egg yolk in a bowl, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon while whisking the yolk. This can be done by hand or you can use a food processor. Slowly add the olive oil as you are whisk or pour it through the lid if you are processing. You can add a little water if it starts to look to heavy or if it is getting too thick. Add the water a little bit at a time until it is the thickness of mayo. You can store your homemade mayonnaise in the fridge, in fact it should be chilled before you use it. It will taste much better.

Vegetable Quiche Cups

This is a great South Beach diet phase 1 snack.

1 cup chopped spinach
4 eggs
2/3 cup green pepper chopped
2/3 cup onion chopped
2 slices 2% milk cheese

In a saucepan with water, cook the spinach just until it is heated up. Use a muffin pan with cupcake cups in it. Combine the eggs, peppers, onion, spinach and 1 slice of the cheese. Pour equal portions into each cup. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until brown. It is much easier to make a whole bunch at a time and then refrigerate them in baggies. You can take portions to work and eat them for breakfast or an afternoon snack. These are so delicious that I strongly urge you to try making these!
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Why I Love the South Beach Diet

It’s the first day of Autumn and it is going to be a rough season for all of us. Halloween brings us carb loaded candies. Thanksgiving brings us carb loaded stuffing and potatoes and Christmas brings us carb loaded cookies and pies. The first day of Autumn is the signal that all of this is beginning. I was beginning to feel a little down when I woke up this morning. The best holidays are coming up and here I am on a diet again. I don’t want to miss my favorite foods.

Much of our success is based on how we handle things mentally. I want to continue losing weight and reach my fitness goals. So, even though I started thinking about all of the things I might miss when I got up this morning, I changed my thoughts to be positive in nature as soon as I could. In fact I started to think about:

Why I Love the South Beach Diet

1. I lost my belly fat first! I was amazed that it actually happened. It says it on the front of the book, but I didn’t think it would actually happen. This is my favorite thing about the South Beach Diet.

2. Many diets make you completely get rid of some foods. While on the South Beach diet, I only had to stop eating carbs in the first two weeks. After the first phase I could eat a little more relaxed. I just remembered to pay attention to the glycemic index in the ingredients.
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Bean and Avocado Salad and Why it is Good For You

First I will show you how to make the salad then we will go into the nutrients and benefits of adding these foods to your menus. This salad is high in protein. The avocado is a healthy fat. The recipe is also vegetarian and it cuts the craving for us meat eaters. It is full of nutrients and can be served with your favorite flat bread, crackers or artisan bread.

Gather together the following:
1-16 oz can kidney beans
1-16 oz can garbanzo beans
2 small tomatoes
1 medium avocado
1 small red onion
1/3 cup Italian dressing

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Tips on What Not To Do During Your Diet

We all know that when we start a new diet it can really be a test of our self control. If you’re trying to lose weight with a latest diet craze, there are things you must keep in mind to avoid getting off track with your plans:

1. Don’t just wear baggy clothes until you have reached your desired weight. When you wear clothes which are too big it can cut down your motivation. You might feel encouraged to give up on the diet. Don’t forget to wear clothing that makes you feel your best no matter what weight you are at.

2. Don’t go to the grocery store before eating. Don’t sabotage your diet by going to a place where all of the bad foods tempting you on an empty stomach. Schedule your shopping when you are less vulnerable.

3. Don’t get rid of your favorite foods. Diets almost always backfire when the dieters are stuck eating boring, tasteless food. They start missing their favorite dishes. Use creativity and those cooking skills you have to remake some of the foods you like but still adhering to the diet’s standards.
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Using Great Tasting Substitutes To Reduce Fat In Your Diet

Here are some great substitutes so you can make your favorite foods without all the fat and calories! Think about all of the recipes passed generation after generation that are so great tasting but they use cream, shortening, and other very unhealthy ingredients. Sometimes I feel guilty when I just read the recipes!

Believe it or not it is easy to make healthy recipes out of unhealthy recipes.

1. Substitute eggs with just egg whites and egg substitutes.

Generally replace one egg with two egg whites in most recipes. Check the packaging on the egg substitutes for exchange rates.

2. Alter the sugar amount in your recipes and use sugar substitutes.

You can easily lower the calories and carbohydrates by reducing the amount of sugar in the recipe. You can easily decrease the sugar, without altering the taste, up to 1/3 in some recipes. You can also use a non-calorie sugar substitute like Splenda. In most cases Splenda is measured in equal amounts when replacing sugar. Experiment to determine the best quantity if a different sugar substitute is used.

3. Make your baked foods more healthy by using whole wheat flour.
Replace half the traditional white flour with healthy whole wheat flour. You won’t notice the difference in the taste. The nutritional benefits are added fiber and quite possibly a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

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